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Lenexa’s New Justice Center Will Cost $8M More With Rising Construction Costs




Lenexa’s new justice center is going to cost $8 million more than initially anticipated. That’s according to city staff and construction and design representatives on the project, who went over

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West Tisbury and Tisbury Support MSBA




The select boards of West Tisbury and Tisbury both decided to sign letters of support for the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) funding for Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School joining three other Island towns in providing unconditional support.

The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School committee applied to MSBA, a state organization that directly funds school districts’ building projects, to replace the 63-year-old high school. This is the sixth time the committee has applied for the funding. The committee wrote a letter on Friday, Jan. 21, after being notified the high school may be on the MSBA short list. The school district visited town select boards to receive support and their signatures. Edgartown, Chilmark, and Aquinnah signed the letter in support while Oak Bluffs opted to write its own version of the letter pointing out they support the high school project, but not the regional school district’s funding formula.

Superintendent Matt D’Andrea went before the West Tisbury select board Wednesday, Jan. 26, to present the letter. 

“This is a great opportunity for us on the Island. We certainly need a building project for the high school and this would be a great opportunity to receive real help in the process and also the funding aspect,” D’Andrea said. 

The West Tisbury select board unanimously voted to sign the letter. 

Meanwhile, the Tisbury select board voted unanimously that same evening to endorse MSBA funding for the high school. Amy Houghton, who is both chair of the Tisbury School committee and the Martha’s Vineyard High school committee, was among those who pitched the endorsement to the select board. 

“I think it’s really critical that we come together as a community across the Island to put forward a project that can make our high school facilities as good as the interior of the school and the educational programming,” Houghton said. “I realize that there’s a lot of discussion about how to pay for that and as we know from out experience in Tisbury, that is all part of the feasibility study and so i would urge the select board to sign onto this letter and know that we in good faith can work together to support a project that is in the best interests of our entire community.  

“What’s the board’s pleasure as far as Tisbury signing this?” chair Jeff Kristal asked ahead of the vote.

The formula has long been a point of contention but that won’t halt his support, select board member Larry Gomez said. “Because we’ve been arguing about this since I’ve been on the Island and that’s over 25 years,” Gomez said. “So I would support it 100 percent.” 

“I would support signing the letter tonight,” select board member Roy Cutrer said. 

“I’m in agreement with the two of you,” Kristal said. “I think that this Island — Tisbury lost $14 million because we didn’t sign on or couldn’t do, which is like $20 million in today’s dollars with the cost of building … I think we’d be foolish not to sign it and offer the ability to sit at a table with Oak Bluffs and the other towns and discuss the formula at a later date. I think we’re all in favor of discussing it.”

Kristal said Houghton told him the formula dates from the 1950s. 

“The regional agreement is from 1954,” Houghton said, and it was created before a regional school existed. “And, in fact, more interesting, at the time this regional agreement was signed, there was no telephone service in Chilmark or Gay Head. There was still a lighthouse keeper living in the Gay Head lighthouse. It just seems like this is a time to take a look at the regional agreement and see if it’s still appropriate. It may be that everybody thinks it is, or it may be that folks think that because the community has become one where  kids are transient — keep in mind that there are such shifts and sways in how much each town is assessed annually because of the movement of students. And West Tisbury particularly is seeing a significant change in the assessment formula because they had a rise in the number of students at the school.”

Houghton described the formula and regional agreement as “complicated” and prone to raising questions each year as to whether or not  “each town is getting a fair shake”. 

Houghton thanked the board for signing the agreement.

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Snow Much to Look Forward To




A winter storm watch is in effect for Dukes County and all of southeastern Massachusetts and some of the predictions are ominous in the amount of snow that could fall. The National Weather Service is predicting 10-16 inches for the Island, but there remains uncertainty about whether there will be any rain mixed in, Rodney Chai, a meteorologist in the National Weather Service’s Norton office, told The Times.

It’s going to be a high impact weather day for sure on Saturday,” Chai said. “The key message is to keep monitoring the forecast.”

The Island is expected to begin feeling the effects of the nor’easter late Friday night and it’s forecast to be at its most fierce during the day Saturday. Wind gusts could reach 70 mph, Chai said. “There’s pretty high confidence we’ll see strong winds,” he said.

Coastal flooding is also a concern, particularly with the afternoon high tide on Saturday, Chai said.

The storm has the potential to knock down trees causing power outages.

Seas will also be a problem because of the strong sustained winds, Chai said.

That could mean cancellations for Steamship Authority ferries, particularly on Saturday.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket for Saturday, January 29, 2022,” the SSA wrote in an alert to customers late Wednesday. “Although the storm is still several days away, there is a high likelihood of this storm causing service to be canceled for much or all of Saturday and possibly into Sunday morning. Please plan accordingly if you are traveling with us this weekend.”

Meanwhile, Island police departments are also warning Vineyarders to be prepared for the storm. West Tisbury Police issued an alert on their Facebook page urging folks to stay at home so the roads can be cleared. “An additional consideration if we are getting high winds and drifting snow is to make sure you clear around exhaust vents on the outside of your house,” the post states.

Then they had a little fun. “Stay tuned and don’t forget your French toast supplies,” the post states, a nod to the New England tradition of rushing to supermarkets to get bread, milk, and eggs ahead of a storm.

In Tisbury, the town sent out an email alert reminding residents of the town’s sidewalk shoveling bylaw. Anyone with a property that abuts a sidewalk is required to remove the snow within four hours of the snow stopping or face fines beginning at $50, according to the bylaw.

Karen Tewhey, executive director of Harbor Homes Martha’s Vineyard, told the Times a shelter will be open at 5 pm Friday at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. The shelter will remain open all day on Saturday and will remain open on Sunday until the snow abates.

Meanwhile, the town of Aquinnah has sent out information urging residents to prepare for the storm and possible power outages.

Here’s what they recommend ahead of the storm: 

Water: 1 gallon per day per person; additional water (fill bathtub, other containers) for flushing toilets, cleaning, pets, etc.  Well water depends on electric pumps that will not work if power is out.  
Food: nonperishable /non cook food to last at least 3 days.  

Health: ample supply of medications; medical information sheet (e.g., prescriptions, allergies), first aid kit; pet meds; all necessary health-related equipment 
Flashlights, extra batteries, candles, matches; supplies for fireplace, woodstove, outdoor grill, etc. if safe to use 
Cell phone/chargers (home and vehicle); emergency radio (battery operated – WMVY) 
Vital documents – ID, credit cards, cash, contact info for family 

Take steps to protect yourself, your property, and your neighbors 

Fill up/charge up vehicles. 
Take in/stow/ secure outdoor furniture, grills, garden equipment, dinghies, kayaks etc. 
Secure doors and windows; have tarp, duct tape handy. 
Deal promptly with potential hazards (trees, overhanging limbs) that could cause damage 

Contact neighbors to offer assistance 

Here’s what they suggest during the storm: 

Shelter in place if possible – stay in rooms protected from possible home damage from wind/rain/debris/trees 
Survey damage only after danger is passed; undertake safe clean up and assist neighbors.  

Conserve vehicle fuel /aid first responders by not exploring post-storm. 

According to the email, Aquinnah Town Hall will be used as a warming shelter when its safe to venture out. The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) will have an overnight shelter available.


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CBRE Closes Sale of Two Industrial Properties Near O’Hare Airport





CBRE has arranged the acquisition of two industrial properties totaling 182,845 square feet near Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

Entities owned by Steve Greenspon, the owner of Honey-Can-Do International LLC, acquired a 96,225-square-foot facility at 11600 King St. in Franklin Park, Illinois, and an 86,620-square-foot building at 5303 St. Charles Road in Bellwood, Illinois, in two separate transactions that closed on Dec. 14, 2021. Sales prices were not disclosed.

CBRE’s Peter Roberson and David Lind represented the buyer in the transaction. Honey-Can-Do International LLC is a provider of housewares operating under brands such as Honey-Can-Do, Joyce Chen, Perch and Old Stone Oven. The property at 5303 St. Charles Road was purchased from St. Charles 5303 LLC and the property at 11600 King St. was purchased from King 11600 LLC.

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